Sunday, November 27, 2011

Squirels Living In My Yard

I have three squirrels who have decided to live in and around my yard. They have a favorite tree. One I believe is a female. She eats her food but hides a great deal of it away. She is my favorite, and the one who is pictured here. The other is probably a male, a little bigger and more rambunctious. The third squirrel is a renegade. He comes by once in a while. I know they're rodents and can be a problem, but I prefer to coexist with them. I give them peanuts and some corn. I think they look absolutely adorable. They also provide endless hours of entertainment for my cats. . .and for me!

She holds on to her dinner quite tightly.

She seems quite happy eating her corn and hanging out in her tree.

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  1. Oh MY Jon Lee! What a great photo shoot with the squirrels YOU had! We have our share and they drive Lady NUTS! (pun intended) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have 4 LONG weeks ahead before break. ugh.