Sunday, November 6, 2011

Living In A Nature Area

Happy Fall. I know it's already been Fall for a while, but it has been a beautiful Fall. Some years we have so much rain that the leaves fall off of the trees so early, and it is bleak and damp all day. This Fall, however, we have had glorious days filled with sunshine and gorgeous color leaves. We have had some rain, but not to the extent where it ruined the fall leaves. I live in front of a nature area, and I am amazed at the wildlife around me. I took this picture of a small hawk with a blue head. I know he's a predator, but he is beautiful.


  1. Wow... I have never seen a hawk with a blue head! Nature is such a beautiful thing!! Thanks for sharing...

  2. What a beautiful bird!!! You must live in a gorgeous area!!! So glad you can take the time to enjoy it!