Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool September Update

I am so far behind in my posting. I am a teacher, and I went back to work on August 19. My job does so much consume me. I love teaching, so the lesson plans, grading, and preparation take up the majority of my life. I also love my Blog though, so I am going to get back to posting on a regular basis. My special cat Jessie Rose was relaxing in the sun the other day, and I couldn't resist taking her picture. I have a few more pictures that I took this weekend. I hope you enjoy them. I am going to get busy reading, commenting, and posting this week. Thank you to all my followers who have stayed with me through my inactivity.
Jessie Rose really likes to relax in the sunshine.
The purple wildflowers behind my house look so colorful this September.
I have these gorgeous wild Black-eyed Susans behind my house.
This hawk in the nature area behind my house comes to this tree quite often.
The hawk takes off flying across the nature area.