Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updates On My Stitching

I have really been stitching this year. I am loving being a part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. It is so much fun seeing everyone's starts, progress, and finishes. I love SDW by The Scarlet Letter, the sampler I am working on now.

I love the pop of blue that is so unexpected on the flower. I believe this is the first horse I have ever stitched, and it so much fun.

I am making some progress on "Baby, It's Cold Outside," by Heartstring Samplery. I love this sampler. I am going to try to work on it more this week. I plan to go stitching with my friends on Friday night, and I work on this sampler while I'm stitching with them.

I especially love the fabric I am stitching this sampler on. The color is Ale, and it has a beautiful shade of pink that shows up in different places. It is a really lovely piece of fabric. I have had it for a while and, luckily, this is the color that the sampler called for. It is a 32 ct. instead of a 36 ct. that the pattern suggested, but I'm fine with that. I really like stitching on 32 ct. better.

Finally, I am going to get a finished piece framed this week. This sampler is called Clara's Skating Party by The Sampler Girl. I changed the name to reflect the name of my maternal grandmother, Idelia. I never knew her, but I feel connected to her in so many ways. I hand dyed the linen for this sampler.

I like to imagine that my grandmother went skating with my grandfather George. I think they probably did. I can just see her with her pretty hat on and her hair flying behind her.

I hope everyone has a warm and safe week. We are expecting some ice this afternoon, but it hasn't started yet. I wanted to get a few pictures of the ice on the trees, so I hope if it comes, it comes in the daylight. Take care. Keep stitching. Stay warm.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Scarlet Letter Samplers and Progress, Edited

Thank you to "Jo who can't think of a clever nickname" who told me to try changing my browser from Internet Explorer. I used Firefox and was able to upload my pictures.

My samplers arrived from The Scarlet Letter. They arrived separately because I placed two orders. After hearing how large SDW was, I decided I needed a smaller one as well, and so I ordered Margret Lawrance. I love both of them.

The SDW has so many beautiful motifs. I decided to use the DMC threads. I had almost all of them, which is shocking because I usually only have about one or two of what I need. I still have to find a piece of fabric for this sampler. I am going to my cross stitch shop tonight for stitching with friends and will look for a nice piece of fabric. Because of the size of this sampler, I will definitely need to get at least a 34 or 35 ct. I know that 34 ct. is more difficult to find. Question? The instructions that come with the sampler say to use two strands of DMC and one strand of silk. If I get a 34 or 35 ct. piece of fabric, do I still use two strands of DMC? I really love the colors. They are so rich and will look so pretty. I have to find the right piece of fabric.

My second sampler is a new one from The Scarlet Letter, Margret Lawrance. I got the entire kit for this sampler. I really love the silk colors, my colors! Lots of shades of pinks and greens.

I can't wait to start. I plan to start this weekend. I go back to work on Monday, which means I have to allot time for stitching. I hope to post in a few days my starts on both samplers.

I have been stitching "Baby, It's Cold Outside." I have a picture of my start. It is a fun piece to stitch.