Monday, January 7, 2013

Scarlet Letter Samplers and Progress, Edited

Thank you to "Jo who can't think of a clever nickname" who told me to try changing my browser from Internet Explorer. I used Firefox and was able to upload my pictures.

My samplers arrived from The Scarlet Letter. They arrived separately because I placed two orders. After hearing how large SDW was, I decided I needed a smaller one as well, and so I ordered Margret Lawrance. I love both of them.

The SDW has so many beautiful motifs. I decided to use the DMC threads. I had almost all of them, which is shocking because I usually only have about one or two of what I need. I still have to find a piece of fabric for this sampler. I am going to my cross stitch shop tonight for stitching with friends and will look for a nice piece of fabric. Because of the size of this sampler, I will definitely need to get at least a 34 or 35 ct. I know that 34 ct. is more difficult to find. Question? The instructions that come with the sampler say to use two strands of DMC and one strand of silk. If I get a 34 or 35 ct. piece of fabric, do I still use two strands of DMC? I really love the colors. They are so rich and will look so pretty. I have to find the right piece of fabric.

My second sampler is a new one from The Scarlet Letter, Margret Lawrance. I got the entire kit for this sampler. I really love the silk colors, my colors! Lots of shades of pinks and greens.

I can't wait to start. I plan to start this weekend. I go back to work on Monday, which means I have to allot time for stitching. I hope to post in a few days my starts on both samplers.

I have been stitching "Baby, It's Cold Outside." I have a picture of my start. It is a fun piece to stitch.

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