Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Decorating

I love the way my fall corner looks. It is on the landing at the bottom of my stairs.

I really enjoy looking at the two decorative birds, a little red and white one and a black crow.

The colonial candle holder belonged to my parents. I change the color of the candle to fit the season.

The blue dish on the bottom of the table was my parents and is quite old. The blue dish originally belonged to my great-aunts, my mother's aunts.

The lace doilies originally belonged to my mother's aunts as well.

The little Welcome Fall is just a small piece from Hobby Lobby.

I love the crow rug. It's quite welcoming, and my cats love to lie on the rug. I think they like the texture of the rug.


  1. Love hearing the stories about where all of the items came from. Your little fall corner looks great Jon Lee!!

  2. Hi Jon Lee! How are you? Sorry I missed you recently- would have loved to see you! Your decorating looks adorable- fall stuff is so fun to decorate with. Hope all is well!