Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching Up

I thought I would post some pictures today to catch up. Summer is beautiful here in Illinois. I have, as usual, an abundance of wildlife taking over my yard. I also have my precious Jessie Rose posing for pictures as always. I'm finding the new blog options somewhat challenging. I suppose that's what I get for being away from blogging for so long. It's difficult to catch up. Thanks to Tracey for mentioning my blog on her blog. I would like to suggest that my readers visit Creative Cottage Dreamer. Patti writes such beautiful poems and posts such lovely pictures. I think you would really enjoy her blog.
Jessie Rose appears trapped, but she can get out anytime she wants. The problem is she is the original "skaredy-cat" and isn't quite sure if she can make it out of this jam.
This pair of ducks found their way to the feeder in front of my living room window. I have quite a few animals who come to eat under the pear tree.
I have always loved cardinals. The cardinal is the state bird of my two beloved states: my home state of
West Virginia and my adopted state of Illinois.
I bought a Hibiscus plant this year. It is so beautiful blooming on my patio. It is supposed to live through the winter if you take it inside.
These are my day lilies, my roses, and my vincas blooming in the lovely June weather.
Strange eating mates! The squirrel and the rabbit found the corn left under the pear tree. They are frequent visitors, especially in the evening.

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  1. You're welcome Jon Lee... glad to see you back blogging again (love your new background too)!! Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pictures. I have to say that the cardinal is my favourite :-)