Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea With Jane Austen

Today is so hot, as has been the past several days. I believe I will stay inside and do house chores, some laundry, vacuuming, and dusting. I also am going to read a little; I'm still addicted to Agatha Raisin. I'm reading the first one, The Quiche of Death. I started in the middle and am working my way around the series. I also am going to work on my current work in progress, Tea with Jane Austen. I really like the pattern and the colors. I also have a beautiful piece of 40 ct. Lakeside Linen's Nutmeg. If anyone would like it, just let me know. I don't really get a lot of readers, so I'm not going to have a giveaway, but if you read this post and want the linen, it's 91/4" x 27 ", just post and I will get your address and mail it to you. I can't stitch on such a small count of linen.

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  1. Love your blog! And what fun to watch you stitch Tea with Jane Austen!!!!!
    I loved stitching that piece! The colors are so pretty.

    Feathers in the Nest