Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snowball and Fancey Blackett

One of my Maine Coon Cats who usually doesn't pose well for a picture decided he wanted a share of Jessie Rose's popularity. Snowball is loyal and always wants to sit close by me. He is also a great protector of Jessie Rose on most days. Sometimes he just gets tired of her. My other cat Dasher, who is the leader of the trio, I will try to get a photograph of and post shortly. I also am close to finishing my cross stitch project, Fancey Blackett & the Butter Churn. I am having my kitchen redone and have not had the time to sit and stich, so now that the painter is here, and I can't really do anything, I am stitching. I also have a picture of a yellow finch. We have so many finches. They are beautiful to watch. They congregate to our finch feeder often.

Snowball is a cool and charming cat. I think his eyes are hypnotic. He is all white with gold eyes.

This is a fun project by Pineberry Lane. It is supposed to be a pinkeep, but I am going to have it framed. It has been fun to stitch.

We have so many yellow finches in our yard. They are difficult to photograph because they are always on the move and sometimes look like a yellow blotch in the picture. This finch decided to rest on the fence around my husband's garden. The fence is for the rabbits who also inhabit my yard.


  1. A beautiful cat! I am really wanting a Maine Coon Cat -- and wanting to name it Fancey Blackett!

  2. I always like to see Snowball and his beautiful gold eyes! And it looks like you've been stitching!

  3. Love the pictures and the Halloween project...I may have to do something like that! Glad you ride the Frankfort trail- I went almost to Joliet today from near Kohls. It is gorgeous! Missed you last night...