Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jessie Rose Looks Out. . . .

Jessie Rose, one of my sweet Maine Coon Cats, is an inside cat, but she loves to look out the screen door at the outside world. Here is Jessie Rose and some of the things she might have been looking at today.

Jessie Rose is safe behind a screen door. Let's see what she finds so interesting outside of that door.

That's my purple clematis bush. I think the purple flowers are beautiful. I bet Jessie Rose would love to climb up the trellis.

Here is a picture of the flowers up close. I think Jessie would like to hide in those flowers. Her green eyes would probably light up when she tried to sniff the flowers.

Is that a rabbit that you see Jessie Rose? He's hiding by the plants in the nature area. I bet Jessie Rose would be more afraid of him than he of her. Jessie is a "scarredy cat."

My purple pansies have such pretty faces. I know Jessie would love to walk around in them. I love pansies because they bloom in the fall and in the spring. The fence is there because we have so many rabbits that they eat all of my flowers if I don't fence them in.

This is the side garden that Jessie Rose looks at. I love the standing glass prism that I found at a craft show. It reflects the sun and is so pretty to look at, especially in the morning and late afternoon.

The red-winged blackbirds nest in the cattails behind our house. They are beautiful to look at, and their wings are much redder than they appear in this picture. There are so many of them nesting that Jessie can't see all of them at once.

Finally, Jessie Rose looks at the wild grasses blowing in the wind. They are so delicate and add so much to the scenery behind my house. I feel fortunate to live in an area with so much beauty.

So there you are. Jessie Rose is an inside cat, but she has so much to look at every day. She can see flowers, animals, and birds. It isn't safe for her to be out, but her imagination is stimulated every time she looks out at the world.


  1. Beautiful cat with so much that is beautiful to look out on!

  2. Very nice, Jon Lee! I like looking out at your yard, too!