Sunday, January 10, 2010

Potpourri of Pictures

Everything seems to be settling down after the holidays. I finally have my Christmas decorations taken down, except for the ones that I will probably find on a shelf about a month later. The snow is still covering the ground, but the weather is supposed to be in the twenties this week. I have a few pictures that are just an assortment: Winter, an oddity, and some decorations in a favorite neighboring town.

I took this picture of a snowy forest preserve on my way home from work on Thursday.

I'm not sure why the Remax hot air balloon was in the street behind my house, but I thought it was interesting.

This picture and the following picture are decorations in a park in one of my favorite neighboring towns. I like the way the lights sparkle in the night time.



  1. I love lights! You know what is the best? When people have those big multi-colored lights on a bush and the snow is covering them....they glow under the snow. Don't forget about Sunday!

  2. I must not have your email response to your question about emailing back to people who comment......sometimes there email automatically is listed when you see the comment in your email. If not (as in your case when you left a message for me); you have to know or find out their email address and email them separartely from the blog. If this is not clear I can answer better in person!!!

  3. HI! Beautiful pictures! Like Laura- I love lights too- especially how she described them! Which town are the pictures from? Love that Remax balloon- too funny! How about the temps for this week in the upper 30's and rain- ugh- I hate how dreary and muddy everything starts to look. Yes- for the 19th- hope you can make it then! And also- this Sunday as well! That will be nice b/c we have Monday off from school- you do too, don't you? Have a good week~

  4. That Remax balloon shot is a like a photo from another space and time. How odd and wonderful.