Thursday, January 21, 2010

Idelia's Skating Sampler 1908

I am working on Clara's Skating Sampler 1891 by The Sampler Girl. Since I don't have anyone in my family named Clara, I am going to personalize it with my Grandmother Idelia's name. My grandmother was born in 1891, so I am going to use the date 1908. I think she could have skated with her sweetheart at the age of seventeen. I unfortunately never had an opportunity to know my maternal grandmother. She died before my mother got married. My mother told me a great deal about my grandmother however, and I feel that I know her. I have always felt a strong connection with her since I was young. I don't really resemble Grandmother Idelia in looks, but I hope I have at least some of her inner strength and fortitude.

This sampler is stiched on 32 ct. Antique Ivory Belfast Linen. It calls for Gentle Arts and Crescent Colors. I hope to have my sampler finished by the end of next week.


  1. Looking good Jon Lee! Can't wait to see the finished product! Enjoy your weekend~

  2. What a lovely idea! What a unique name your grandmother had :)

  3. What a loving tribute! My grandmother was born in 1900 maybe they could have been friends! And I love her name too! Blessings!