Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Magic Forest Free To You

I inadvertedly ordered two kits of The Magic Forest by Elsa Williams. I had one on backorder for a while, and I ordered another one without cancelling the order after I got my first backordered one. It is very nice. It does have Aida, so if you don't like to stitch on Aida, you may wish to get a nice piece of linen. I did that. I also have a nice piece of 40 ct. Nutmeg linen. I can't see on 40 ct. linen. Why I bought that I don't know. I have a beautiful piece of 32 ct. Amber. I also have some other nice patterns that I will be happy to send to you. I am not having a Giveaway Contest. If you would like these items, just let me know. The first person to post and say she wants it, I will be happy to send these items to you, plus a few surprises.


  1. Wow, am I the first to post? What a cute pattern!

  2. I guess I didn't really specify that would love to have these items... how very generous of you!!