Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day is a very sweet day. My son and husband got me a beautiful and delicious arrangement from Edible Arrangements. I especially love the chocolate-covered strawberries, but all the fruit is delicious. My son got his aunt and Godmother, my sister, an arrangment as well, but with regular strawberries because she doesn't eat sweets. What a nice and thoughtful gift for both of us. The second and third pictures are of a birthday card that my father sent my mother. Even though it isn't a Valentine's card, it has red roses and the sentiments of Valentine's Day. The card is very old and has water marks on it, probably from the flowers that came with it (at least that's what I think). I'm not sure of the actual date, but I think it probably dates back to the fifties. It's a Hallmark card.


  1. Aww, how sweet. I always wondered how those Edible Arrangements were. Looks yummy and I love those pineapple hearts!

  2. That is so sweet and it sure looks wonderful and yummy!!!