Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Adorable Little Squirrel and a . . .

Gartner snake. A few days ago I was looking out of my front window and saw this adorable little squirrel. He was sleeping at first, then he woke up and just relaxed, and then he ran around and found some food. Finally, he ran up my tree. We have not had many squirrels in the neighborhood, so it is a novelty when I see one, especially since this one has apparently taken up residence in MY tree. Then, I looked to the left, and I saw a Gartner snake. Now I know they're not poisonous and won't really kill me, but I am AFRAID of snakes. When I was five years old, I was out in my backyard with my Mother. I saw a snake and pointed at it saying (according to my Mother), "pretty, pretty." The snake was starting to strike at my hand. My Mother scooped me up and ran me over to my Grandparents' house, right by our house. My Grandfather (my Father was working) came over and killed a huge Copperhead snake. I have had a fear of snakes since then, but since I was safely in my house, I took this Gartner snake's picture. I also wanted to make sure that my little squirrel was safe. Some other pictures that I took show the advancing days of Fall, beautiful days. October IS my favorite time of year!
Isn't he just adorable?
This is my favorite color of mum. This one is sweet to look at on a Fall day.
The grasses in the nature area behind my house are turning shades of gold.
One of the trees behind my house is starting to turn color.
And still, in the midst of Fall, my Lilac Chiffon Geranium continues to bloom and enchant.


  1. Hi Jon Lee- I don't care what kind of snake it is- I do NOT like them! Your pic of the squirrel is adorable. We have plenty of those and skunks living in our neighboorhood if you would like to borrow some. Wasn't this weekend gorgeous?! LOVE this time of year! I put up some fall pics on my post too. Have a happy week!

  2. Beautiful pictures as always, even the snake!