Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Pictures and Musings

For any of you who follow my blog, you may think that I am obsessed with rabbits. I'm not really; it's just that I have so many, and they come so close to my house that I'm able to get a lot of pictures of them. Oh, o.k., maybe I am obsessed with them. Anyway, because I have so many rabbits, I have to adjust my gardens around the rabbits. For example, the vegetable garden is fenced in; my side flower garden is fenced in, and most of my flowers are in containers. I also have many lilies because I have found that rabbits don't eat lillies. So, here is one of my little friends. He's just sitting on my patio beside of my flowers having a peaceful moment.
"I'm just sitting here peacefully enjoying Jon Lee's patio. She doesn't bother any of us; she just takes our pictures. Plus, there's plenty of grass and wild flowers behind her house to eat."
Here is a close-up of one of my yellow lillies. I have purple ones that should bloom next week.
Here are my raspberries blooming. If you look carefully, you can see the raspberries being formed.
I love pentas. They are so delicate and feminine.
Here are my dark pink and white variegated wave petunias. They are doing quite well in my container (in my fenced side garden).
My yellow summer squash is starting. I love it when it's fresh and small.

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  1. You have a lovely garden! The raspberries pic is so cute and the rabbit too, of course!